Moscow Newlyweds Average Age Showed Slight Increase

The average age of newlyweds in Moscow has increased by a year. For brides, it was 25 years, and for grooms 29 years, the Moscow city news agency reports with reference to the press service of the city registry office. In 2019, most girls got married at 24 years old, and men married at 28 years old.  

In addition, newlyweds between the ages of 22 and 31 most often married their peers. The most common age of marriage for girls has not changed compared to 2019, so most brides are married between the ages of 23 and 29, which is about 40 per cent of the total. It is specified that in 2020, grooms marry at the age of 25 to 31 years.

Ru-Main, 22.11.2020 

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