Moscow Products Exported to 126 Countries

In January 2020, the goods produced by Moscow companies were exported to 126 countries of the world, the key importers among which were the UK, the USA, and Kazakhstan, the official website of Moscow Mayor reports. 

The total volume of non-primary energy exports of Moscow in the first month of 2020 amounted to 1.96 billion dollars, which is 24.87 per cent more than in the last year. Now the share of Moscow occupies almost 20 per cent of the all-Russian non-primary non-energy export. In January 2019, this figure was a little over 16 per cent.

The most popular Moscow goods abroad are computers, mechanical equipment, and machinery, which were exported at 0.09 billion dollars. The volume of exports to the UK amounted to 0.34 billion dollars, to the United States, 0.21 billion dollars, and to Kazakhstan, 0.17 billion dollars.

Ru-Main, 17.03.2020

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