Moscow Region Carriers Prepared Congratulations to Women for March 8

The public transport drivers in the Moscow region have prepared holiday greetings and surprises for local women who will use their service on March 8, the press service of the Ministry of Transport and Road Infrastructure reports.  

Picture: Moscow Regional Government Official Website

It is specified that as a congratulation on the holiday, famous artists’ and musicians’ voices will sound in electric trains and at stations of the region. For example, on suburban trains, audio greetings will be heard from Russian singers Leonid Agutin, Dmitry Malikov, and Mikhail Boyarsky. At the ticket services, cashiers will present women with holiday cards. At the stations, wishes for women will be heard from the famous Russian actor, Sergey Bezrukov, and other Russian pop stars.

In addition, in the terminals of Sheremetyevo airport, accompanied by world-famous musical melodies, the poems of the Russian poet, Alexander Pushkin, will be performed by the actor Anatoly Bely. Also, at bus stations in the Moscow region, women will be presented with flowers (tulips, mimosas, and chrysanthemums), and the cabins of the public transport will be decorated with festive posters and balloons.

Ru-Main, 06.03.2021 

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