Moscow Region Governor Ordered to Add Dumplings to School Canteen Menu

The governor of the Moscow region, Andrey Vorobyov, instructed the Minister of Education, Ilya Bronstein, to figure out why children in school canteens in the Moscow region are not fed dumplings. During an operational meeting with the heads of districts and ministers, he gave an order to work out the issue of including this dish in the menu.   

“At all times, in our school years, one of the most really delicious was dumplings. Then there were no burgers, French fries. If children want dumplings, give them dumplings. What is the problem? Olga Mikhailovna, what is the problem with dumplings?” the governor asked the Head of the Department of Rospotrebnadzor for the region Olga Mikailova.

She explained that, according to sanitary rules, minced meat, from which dumplings are made, is a high-risk product.

“Well, dumplings can be different. If we certify quality companies that also export them, what is the problem? There is no person who is in the hall, and would not eat dumplings and would think that this is a threat. I ask you, Olga Mikhailovna, to support this, so that all children who want, and I’m sure everyone wants, have dumplings,” Vorobyov said.

Ru-Main, 10.01.2022
Source: MSKAgency 

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