Moscow Region Schools to Start Teaching Entrepreneurs

Special entrepreneurial classes will be launched in 200 schools in the Moscow region since next year, RadioSputnik reports with reference to the regional Ministry of Education. 

As the deputy chairman of the regional government, Irina Kaklyugina, told, starting from the new academic year, entrepreneurship will begin to be studied in out-of-class hours in a total of 300 schools. In the classroom, students will develop their own business projects and prepare plans for their implementation.

“In almost 500 classes of the socio-economic profile, courses on the basics of financial and entrepreneurial literacy have already been implemented. Young people showed a great interest in the new knowledge. The information received will be useful in everyone’s life. From September we will expand this project and the programme will go to a more widespread level from 2022 – then we will use about a thousand educational institutions in the region,” Kaklyugina promised.

Ru-Main, 09.05.2021 

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