Moscow Region Tripled Agricultural Products Turnover With China

The turnover of products of the agro-industrial complex (AIC) of the Moscow region with China by the end of 2020 has tripled and amounted to more than $128 million, the press service of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the region reports.   

Picture: Moscow Regional Ministry of Agriculture and Food Official Website 

“The Moscow region is increasing the commodity turnover of agricultural products with China. The volume of exports of products of the agro-industrial complex of the region at the end of 2020 amounted to $128.2 million, an increase of $84.9 million compared to 2019. That is, exports to China have tripled,” the Minister of Agriculture and Food in the Moscow region, Sergey Voskresensky, noted.

He stressed that China is one of the key trading partners of the Moscow region. The most exported group of agricultural products in the region is meat products, which were sold for $105 million. Fat and oil products, as well as confectionery, are also exported to China. In turn, the main share of imports of Chinese agricultural products in the Moscow region falls on canned fruits and vegetables, fish and seafood, as well as alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Ru-Main, 05.04.2021 

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