Moscow Registry Offices Employees Undergo VR Training

More than 120 employees of the Moscow registry offices will rehearse their speeches on VR simulators, the Moscow Mayor’s official website reported. 

Picture: Moscow Mayor Official Website

Virtual reality technologies teach leading wedding ceremonies to read the emotions of newlyweds and guests. In the registry office, they train with the help of the simulators to understand facial expressions, speech, and gestures of people.

It is noted that modern couples require a special approach to the conduct of a wedding ceremony, so the hosts have to master such unusual methods. VR technologies make it possible to train faster and easier all channels of perception.

During the self-isolation mode, the presenters learned to imitate the marriage registration ceremony online. Employees put on a helmet and try to adjust their speech and actions to the mood of the newlyweds and guests of the celebration.

Ru-Main, 06.08.2020

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