Moscow Residents Expressed Attitude Towards Word “City” in Company Name

The key association with the word “city” in the names of private companies is the relationship with state, budgetary, and municipal organizations, according to the results of a study conducted by the Romir research holding.  

It is noted that such associations arose in 65 per cent of respondents without prompts and in 70 per cent with a prompt. In the opinion of 75 per cent of respondents, the presence of the word “city” in the name of a company means that it must be a member of state organizations. Muscovites also associate this word with care for citizens and the city (15 per cent), reliability and responsibility (10 per cent), as well as city services (10 per cent).

Among all respondents, 21 per cent have experience of interaction with private companies, the name of which contains the word “city”. Despite the fact that 32 per cent consider their experience of working with such companies to be negative, 68 per cent of respondents characterize it as positive. Moreover, three-quarters of the respondents (77 per cent) answered that they would rather choose the organization that is called “city”, rather than the one without this word in its name.

In addition, citizens are rather negative about the fact that private companies use the word “city” in their names (47 per cent). The main reasons for negative attitudes were the emergence of false expectations, misleading people, and manipulation of customers. Russians even spoke in favour of a ban on the use of the word “city” by private commercial structures (66 per cent of the respondents).

Ru-Main, 15.03.2021 

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