Moscow Restaurants Offer Temporary Tattoo With QR Code

Muscovites will be able to apply a QR code allowing them to visit restaurants and cafes of the city on their bodies in the form of a temporary tattoo, RIA Novosti reports. This option was developed by the Delivery Club service together with one of the online stores. 

Picture: Crispy.News

“Delivery Club, together with the online store Everink Tattoo, has launched the option of creating temporary tattoos with QR codes for visiting cafes and restaurants. In total, six options are available for users to design their QR code, so that everyone can choose a sketch for themselves,” the Delivery Club’s press service said.

As noted by the “Moscow 24” TV channel, to receive the service, you need to place an order on the website of the online store and, after confirmation from the manager, send a QR code. The manufacturers promise that a tattoo will last for about two weeks.

Ru-Main, 14.07.2021 

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