Moscow School Canteens Updated Menu According to Children’s Wishes

Nuggets, meatballs, muffins, croissants and other new dishes have appeared in Moscow school canteens, according to the new menu compiled according to the wishes of schoolchildren.

Picture: Ural Meridian

The new 15-course menu was jointly developed by the Association of Social Nutrition Enterprises in the field of education and healthcare and the city expert advisory council of the parent community with the participation of children’s nutritionists. The menu takes into account the recommendations of specialists from specialized research institutes of baby food.

Now, instead of a ready-made salad, a student can assemble his own from the ingredients he likes. A child himself “makes” a salad, for example, from tomatoes, cucumbers, and cabbage.

Students can optionally add sauces to side dishes: previously, it was automatically added to the dish, even if a child did not ask for it, and it was offered without taking into account the preferences of children.

Now for breakfast, a student can, for example, add milk to buckwheat or choose a portion of oatmeal without milk. Also, children can add sweet toppings to breakfast that they like.

Besides, now a child can choose a drink: tea or cocoa. Tea is not prepared the same for everyone, as before. Now, children can optionally add lemon or sugar from individual packages to it.

For lunch, one can choose the first course from the two offered — soup or broth. Previously, only one soup option was offered. For the first course, children can take as much bread as they need.

Schoolchildren are now offered 11 variants of the first hot dishes: Far Eastern soup with red fish, Kuban soup, Novgorod soup, Moscow borscht, solyanka, vegetable purée soup, minestrone; nine types of main meat dishes and five types of side dishes that are in high demand among children: among them are Mexican beef and Tatar azu. At the same time, all dishes are prepared according to special recipes as part of the recommendations of specialists in baby nutrition.

As reminded, many children in Moscow schools eat for free. Pupils of grades 1-4 receive a free hot breakfast; students from large and socially unprotected families, orphans, disabled children receive free breakfast and lunch; in addition, pupils of grades 1-11 from families of the mobilized will receive free two hot meals a day (breakfast and lunch).

In addition to the main canteen, there are also buffets in schools for additional meals. The product range includes soft and hot drinks, vegetable and fruit salads, sandwiches, as well as pastries, including hypoallergenic products and products without sugar and gluten.

Finally, on the Moskvenok electronic service, parents of schoolchildren from Moscow can control their child’s meals in the dining room and the buffet expenses, as well as set a limit on daily spending and a stop list for products undesirable for their child in a buffet.

Ru-Main, 18.11.2022
Source: Lenta

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