Moscow Schoolchildren Invited to Future Profession Online Festival

The career development centre of the Technograd Innovative Educational Complex will hold the online festival Career Guide on June 19. The students of 6–11 grades who have not yet decided on the choice of their future profession will take part in the event, the official website of the Moscow Mayor reported.  

The online festival starts at 11 am and lasts until 3 pm. It can be visited on the complex’s interactive educational platform. The webinars (11) will be held in 2 thematic areas. The first one is the profession of the future, and the second one is the main trends in the development of the labour market until 2035. Experts will help students to navigate the labour market and choose the specialties that will be in demand over the coming decades. Students will learn to determine their own interests and receive basic information about how to choose the right path of professional development.

Ru-Main, 19.06.2020

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