Moscow Schoolchildren Master Effective Work With Text

During the educational programme “Meaningful Reading“, which was launched in a pilot mode in 102 schools of Moscow, children are taught to quickly analyze the content of any text and create infographics based on what they read.  

It is specified that the programme consists of five educational modules, namely, “We Read in Any Environment”, “We Control the Speed of Reading”, “We Work Effectively With Different Texts”, “We Manage Attention”, and “We Turn Text Into Infographics”.

In addition, “Meaningful Reading” includes practical classes during which children will read texts of different styles, learn to analyze the author’s position, identify cause-and-effect relationships and defend their opinions in a reasoned manner.

As noted, the programme will help primary school students to form reading skills, while high school students will develop their ability to conduct a dialogue and build successful communication.

Ru-Main, 10.11.2021
Source: Moscow Mayor’s Official Website 

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