Moscow Schoolchildren Were Taught to Make Short Films

At the Victory Museum on Poklonnaya Hill as part of the children’s short films competition about the Great Patriotic War “We Remember! We are proud”, was held a master class on filming. 

Picture: Official Website of Short Children’s Films About War

Schoolchildren were taught the key stages in creating short films, about how to properly promote their videos on the Internet and social networks, as well as the nuances of editing, lighting and sound design, overlaying text and captions.

Students of Moscow educational organizations were invited to make films lasting no more than 10 minutes in three categories. For the “Chronicles of Memory”, schoolchildren created short films that tell about specific events or heroes from the history of the war. In the art of animation, the participants compete in the framework of the nomination “Animated film”. The third nomination was called “KinoKvest” (“CinemaQuest”) – it involves historical videos, accompanied by questions on their content.

Now  there is a voting on the organizers’ website for films created by the participants of the event. The voting will last until February 15, 2020. The most talented young directors and animators will be invited to the award ceremony on March 20, 2020.

Ru-Main, 27.01.2020 

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