Moscow Schools Began Accepting Electronic Illness Certificates

Data on the illness of children attending Moscow schools and kindergartens will be automatically transferred to an electronic journal, so paper certificates of students’ absence for health reasons will no longer be needed, according to the mayor of the city, Sergey Sobyanin, on his Twitter page. 

“I know that parents have been waiting for this news for a long time: we are cancelling the paper medical certificate for a child’s illness for schools and kindergartens. We have combined the MES with a single digital health platform, and now information about the absence of students will be immediately visible to teachers and educators. We are talking about certificates exempting a child from classes (including physical education), due to illness. Previously, parents handed them over to teachers, made notifications through an electronic diary – now this red tape will not happen,” Sobyanin wrote.

Thus, now parents of schoolchildren and inmates of kindergartens subordinated to the Moscow Department of Education and Science will be able to issue certificates on the child’s illness in electronic form. At the same time, traditional paper certificates will also continue to exist, but the time required to issue them will be reduced.

It is noted that the unified medical platform of Moscow healthcare provides personalized management of each patient at all stages of treatment. All patient data are accumulated in a single digital environment and are available online to all participants in the process.

Ru-Main, 13.04.2021 

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