Moscow Scientists Developed Advanced Method for Cancer Diagnosing

Innovative technology for breast cancer screening has been created at I. M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University and was included in the 100 best inventions of Russia. The rating was compiled by the Federal Service for Intellectual Property. For about a year and a half the scientists had been working on a programme that detects cancer at an early stage based on the level of blood markers, VN.RU reported. 

It is noted that they will take blood samples from people with diagnosed oncological diseases at an early stage, from 100 people with various types of cancer, and from 200 healthy people. After that, they will examine this material using 18 different parameters and loaded all the data obtained into the new programme. Then the computer knows what blood counts a sick person has and what has a healthy one. When new samples get into the programme, artificial intelligence compares them with the underlying database and gives information on the probability of having cancer in percentage terms.

It is specified that patients no longer need to have a biopsy, a rather painful procedure, to find out if they have cancer or not. The innovative technology, in addition to breast cancer, also detects bowel, lung, and bladder cancers. If the analysis showed a high probability of cancer, then doctors send a patient for an additional examination to establish a more accurate diagnosis. The technology allows not only to determine the presence of cancer of various types but also to assess the likelihood of its development. Currently, the innovative development is already being applied at the Health Management Clinic at Sechenov University.

Ru-Main, 23.07.2020

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