Moscow Search Service Helps Finding Missing Pets

The new Moscow service “Search for Lost and Found Animals“, which was launched in December 2020 on the official website of the Moscow Mayor, is becoming more and more popular among city residents.  

It is stated that in three months, residents of the city published more than 340 announcements of lost animals on the service page, thanks to which 45 cats and dogs have already returned home.

The curator of IT projects in the field of culture and business of the Information Technology Department, Sergey Shakryl, noted that thanks to the activity and care of Muscovites, there are more and more cases of pets returning home. At the moment, about 280 ads are posted on the service.

According to Shakryl, the service allows describing an animal in detail, mark on the map where it was last seen, and upload its photos. Also, users post announcements about animals they have found on the streets of the city.

Ru-Main, 26.03.2021 

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