Moscow Skaters Became Champions of Winter Olympics

Skaters from Moscow region, Irina Havronina and Dario Chirizano, became champions of the Winter Olympics for students, Radio 1 reports. 

Picture: Radio 1 Website

The athletes won gold in the programmes of free dance and rhythm dance. In total, they scored 170.10 (101.82 + 69.28) points. Second place was taken by Sofia Leontieva and Daniil Gorelkin, with the result of 164.50 (99.69 + 64.81) points. The Togliatti residents Olga Mamchenkova and Mark Volkov were among the top three winners with a score of 161.89 (95.76 + 66.13) points. The final event takes place from March 16 to 21 in Krasnoyarsk.

Ru-Main, 21.03.2020

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