Moscow Sled Dogs Getting Ready for Winter

Sled dogs are undergoing training at the Sokolniki dog training stadium.

Picture: Moscow Regional Website 

Animals are trained before the start of the season. Among the four-legged athletes, there are huskies, including samoyed ones. They drag a parachute inflated by the wind. In this way, the dogs are learning the technique of passing the tracks, and the device behind their back helps them learn to start running with a load.

According to riding instructor, Anastasia Karnovich, one parachute behind the dog’s back gives resistance of about 20–25 kilograms, reports VM.RU. In the future, this will give dogs an advantage in working with the sledge and in harsh conditions: the animal will work out a quick start and a powerful push.

Ru-Main, 23.12.2019

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