Moscow Students Created Perfect Bone Polymer

A team of Moscow students from the National Research Technological University has created an “ideal” polymer for bone implantation, VM.RU reported. A dissolving material development project will allow the creation of implants that take the load, thanks to which the patient’s own bone grows actively. Having fulfilled their function, the materials will gradually dissolve in the body without side effects. 

It is said that polymers are the best option for implantation because in terms of hardness and strength characteristics they are closest to natural bone. Their structure can also be modified, for example, to form pores as in the middle of a real bone. It is clarified that the team will create samples of biocompatible polymer bone soluble implants, which will give way to new natural bone.

Now, it is planned to obtain the polymer by breeding two of them. The scientists prepare mixtures of powders of various compositions, make samples by thermal pressing and 3D printing, and then measure the characteristics important for them. The first results of the work are planned to be presented next year.

Ru-Main, 23.07.2020 

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