Moscow Technoparks Presented Two Innovative Developments

Two innovative developments were presented by residents of the Moscow technoparks Mosgormash and Strogino and will be implemented in the medical environment. In total, there are 36 technoparks in the city which includes two thousand residents, the official website of the Moscow Mayor reports.  

Picture: Moscow Mayor Official Website

“All residents of technoparks can receive subsidies from the budget, which partially cover the cost of equipment and interest on loans. This year, seven enterprises received such subsidies, four million rubles were allocated from the city budget to support,” the head of the Moscow Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development, Aleksei Fursin, said.

The company operating on the basis of Strogino has created a portable blood analyzer Lazma PF. It can examine venous, arterial, and capillary blood. The device determines the state of microcirculation and body blood temperature. The analyzer is also capable of signaling the development of serious diseases associated with blood flow in the early stages.

The second innovative idea belongs to a resident of the Mosgormash Technopark. These are membranes for the regeneration of cartilage tissue in joints. The formulation helps to repair joint damage and regenerate cells. The plate is surgically implanted into the human body, and in two months, the membrane is replaced with real tissue. It is specified that the soluble material of the plate does not emit toxic substances.

Ru-Main, 12.10.2020 

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