Moscow Tenants Received Payments Deferral of 13.6 Billion Rubles

Moscow tenants and future owners of urban real estate, as well as developers, have received delays in mandatory payments of more than 13.6 billion rubles. This was told by the Deputy Mayor of Moscow on Economic Policy, Property, and Land Relations, Vladimir Efimov, the official website of the Moscow Mayor reports. 

According to Efimov, the delay is granted to developers, landowners, and the representatives of small and medium-sized businesses who buy property from the city. In total, 3,573 Moscow companies received such support.

“The developers received a deferral of rental payments on land by almost 5.2 billion rubles, deferred payments for changing the type of permitted use of land amounted to 4.79 billion rubles, deferred payments for the purchase of urban real estate are 3.6 billion rubles. The total amount of support in these areas is 13.6 billion rubles,” Efimov said.

The Head of the Department of Urban Property, Maxim Gaman, noted that support measures were fully implemented by property owners who changed the type of permitted use, as well as tenants who are going to buy installments from the city.

Ru-Main, 16.06.2020

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