Most Anticipated New Cars in Russia

A list of the most profitable cars the production of which on the Russian market is planned already in 2021 was compiled by the NewInform newspaper. When forming the rating, the class and price of cars were taken into account.   

The first place was taken by Lada Granta, which is planned to be produced in winter. The car will have exact forms, its functionality will also be expanded taking into account new technologies. The standard model will cost 444,900 rubles.

Then comes the Volkswagen Polo which will appear on the Russian market in the summer of 2021. Externally, the car has become more streamlined. The price is not named yet, but the current model, the cost of which ranges from 700 to 976 thousand rubles, can serve as a guideline.

In third place is the Kia Rio. There will appear body changes in the car, increasing the interior and equipping it with the most advanced developments, for example, a lane control sensor and control of the “blind spot” in the rear-view mirror. In the basic configuration, the car will cost 814,900 rubles.

Among SUVs and hatchbacks, the first is the UAZ Patriot which was called the “Russian Prado”. It has become less cornerstone, but still with a “spare” on the tailgate. It is expected on the market in the autumn of 2021. The price will start at 809,900 rubles.

Next in the ranking is the Nissan Qashqai which is adapted for Russian weather conditions. The front bumper now looks more massive, and the car itself has become larger. The suspension is now not only taller, but also tighter. Basic equipment on mechanics will cost 1.25 million rubles.

The top three closes the Hyundai Tucson which will go on sale in winter. The car got a powerful mesh front bumper, the headlights were narrowed and the body was extended. The cost of the SUV has grown from 1.1 million rubles for the previous configuration to 1,414 million rubles for the new one.

Ru-Main, 08.10.2020 

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