Most Kazan Schoolchildren Plan to Study at Universities

The educational company MAXIMUM Education conducted a survey that showed whether Kazan schoolchildren are ready for tests, what university they would like to enter after school, and how they prepare for the Unified State Exam, KazanFirst reports. 

According to the results of the study, 89 per cent of Kazan school graduates plan to study at a higher educational institution, 4 per cent of respondents have not yet decided what they will do after leaving school, 2 per cent are going to study abroad, and 1 per cent want to take a year off after school. The majority of respondents (63 per cent) have already decided on the university they would like to enter and the speciality they are interested in. A quarter of the eleventh-graders surveyed have so far chosen only a speciality and 3 per cent have chosen only a university.

Slightly more than half of the survey participants admitted that their grades increased significantly during the year of preparation for the exams. In the future, 43 per cent of graduates intend to devote 1-3 hours a day to prepare for the exams, 37 per cent are going to spend 3-5 hours a day on preparation, 8 per cent will devote 5-7 hours a day, 7 per cent said about less than an hour a day, and 5  per cent of the surveyed graduates are going to devote more than 7 hours a day to prepare for the Unified State Exam.

Ru-Main, 24.04.2021

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