Most Popular Names for Moscow Children in 2020

Moscow registry offices named the most popular names of children born in the city this year. It is noted that at the beginning of the year, 51.3 per cent of boys and 48.7 per cent of girls were born in Moscow, VM.RU reports. 

The most popular male name is Alexander (609 boys were called that). The top 3 included Maksim (588), Mikhail (537), and Artem (425). One child was named Tristan and another Achilles. Also unusually named were boys Noah, Alex, and Elisey-Cosma.

Among the girls, the most frequent one is Sofia (649 newborns). Top 5 names among girls also included Maria (552), Anna (523), Alisa (445), and Polina (418). One of the most unusual names was Afina, Aksinia, and Vasilisa.

Ru-Main, 11.04.2020

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