Most Russian Employers Avoid Encouraging Employees to Vaccination

Most Russian companies do not encourage staff to get vaccinated against coronavirus (41 per cent). In those companies where bosses have such innovation, employees are given paid days off, extra days off, or a bonus, according to the SuperJob job search service.  

According to the study results, 33 per cent of employers in any way stimulate the vaccination of employees against COVID-19. Some companies pay one-time bonuses to vaccinated employees, arrange prize draws and gifts.

In turn, 41 per cent of companies do not encourage their workers to get vaccinated. Employers explain their position by their unwillingness to interfere with the private life of employees and the lack of such an obligation for businesses from the point of view of the law.

It is specified that the vaccination campaign among personnel is most often carried out by large employers with more than 1,000 employees (40 per cent), as well as by enterprises from the sales and finance sectors (38 per cent each). Information technology companies are least likely to implement incentive measures (27 per cent).

Ru-Main, 16.07.2021 

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