Most Russian Pharmacists Consider Their Work a Vocation

Russian pharmacists, teachers, PR specialists, and doctors are most often convinced that their work is a vocation. In turn, programmers think so less often and mostly consider their work a way to generate income.  

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Based on the results of the study, it can be said that 55 per cent of Russians are currently working for salaries, bonuses, and benefits. In turn, for the other 22 per cent, work is primarily a career and professional growth. In addition, 18 per cent of Russians surveyed see their true vocation in their daily work and get real pleasure from the very process of working.

As specified, most of the respondents with an income of less than 30 thousand rubles (66 per cent) work for money. Those for whom work is primarily a career are most among young people under the age of 24 (42 per cent). The older generation most often considers work to be their vocation (23 per cent of respondents over 45).

In addition, it is stated that pharmacists (47 per cent), educators (46 per cent), PR managers (36 per cent), teachers (34 per cent) and doctors (30 per cent) most often see vocation in their work.

Considering work as a source of income is most common for storekeepers (75 per cent), accountants (67 per cent), sales managers (65 per cent), secretaries and purchasing managers (64 per cent each).

Finally, marketers (41 per cent), designers (35 per cent), HR managers (30 per cent), economists (29 per cent) and dispatchers (28 per cent) consider their work a means of improving professional status.

Ru-Main, 26.10.2021
Source: SuperJob 

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