Most Russians Agree With Ban on Swearing in Social Networks

The experts of the job search service conducted a study among 3,500 residents of Russia and found out how they feel about censorship and whether they support the ban on the use of profanity on social networks. 

According to the results of the study, 40 per cent of Russian residents support censorship in the media and literature, another 41 per cent of respondents are neutral about this, and 19 per cent of those surveyed are sure that swearing enriches the Russian language, so it should not be prohibited anywhere.

It is noted that from February 1, 2021, social networks in Russia were obliged to remove the profanity. Now community administrators should search for obscene language and block it in posts and comments. According to the study, 71 per cent of Russian residents took this initiative positively, while 29 per cent spoke in favour of freedom of speech on social networks.

Ru-Main, 08.02.2021 

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