Most Russians Call Army ‘School of Life’

Specialists of the all-Russian Public Opinion Foundation conducted a study on Russians’ attitude towards the army. According to the survey results, almost half of the country’s residents (43 per cent) assess the state of the Russian army as excellent or good. 

Experts also found that more than half of the respondents (53 per cent) believe that the prestige of the military is high in Russian society nowadays. Moreover, 45 per cent of Russians claim that the prestige of the military has been growing lately. In addition, the overwhelming majority of respondents (67 per cent) consider the army a “school of life” and believe that every man should go through it (59 per cent).

It is noted that some of the respondents consider it obligatory to serve in the army only for contract soldiers (29 per cent) while others think the share should be equal between conscripts and contract soldiers (28 per cent). However, 18 per cent believe that the Russian army should consist of contract soldiers only.

Ru-Main, 02.03.2021 

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