Most Russians Consider Themselves Patriots

The vast majority of Russians consider themselves patriots of their country, according to the survey of the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Centre. It is specified that for 20 years the number of patriots did not fall under 80 per cent. 

During the survey, Russians gave their definition of the concept of “patriotism.” It is noted that 47 per cent of respondents called patriotism “love for their country”, 44 per cent believe that patriotism is “to work and act for the good of Russia”, 34 per cent think that patriotism is “the desire to change the situation for a worthy future for their state”, and 29 per cent of respondents said that the main quality of a patriot is to tell the truth about the country. Thus, 89 per cent of Russians consider themselves patriots.

Ru-Main, 11.06.2020 

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