Most Russians Eat Homemade Food at Work

Compared to the pre-COVID times, Russians are less likely to dine in cafes and restaurants and more often take food from home to work, according to a survey conducted by SuperJob job search specialists. 

According to 58 per cent of Russians, during lunchtime, they usually eat what they brought from home (51 per cent in 2018). In turn, 17 per cent of respondents are used to dine in a company canteen, 10 per cent in catering establishments (cafes or restaurants), another 8 per cent manage to eat at home during the lunch break, and 1 per cent of respondents usually order food delivery to their offices.

Experts have found that the way Russians eat during their lunch break directly depends on the size of their salary. Thus, those who are used to taking a container with homemade dishes to work are mostly the surveyed with an income of less than 30 thousand rubles (70 per cent), while those who eat in company canteens and nearby restaurants are most often the respondents with an income of over 80 thousand rubles (27 per cent and 18 per cent, respectively).

Also, it is specified that women bring food from home more often than men (70 per cent versus 46 per cent, respectively), and men more often than women prefer to dine in a canteen (22 per cent of men and 12 per cent of women) or in a restaurant (15 per cent versus 6 per cent, respectively).

Ru-Main, 29.05.2021

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