Most Russians Have Positive Attitude to Corporate Pension

Experts of the job search service and NPF Sberbank found that 84 per cent of Russians would like to receive a corporate pension from their employer in addition to the state pension.  

It is noted that interest in corporate pensions is especially high among people aged 36-55 (85 per cent). Among 18-25-year-olds, 81 per cent of respondents would like to receive such a pension, and in the group over 56, almost every fourth (24 per cent) does not want it, most probably fearing that before the end of his career he will not have time to make savings even with the help of his employer.

Also, 38 per cent of respondents believe that the size of the corporate pension should exceed 30 thousand rubles a month, 26 per cent would agree to receive 20-30 thousand rubles, 18 per cent agree for 15-20 thousand rubles, 12 per cent are ready to receive 10- 15 thousand rubles, and only 6 per cent of Russians agree for payments up to 10 thousand rubles a month. It is specified that of those respondents who would like to receive more than 30 thousand rubles a month, the biggest share is people in the age groups of 26-35 years old and 46-55 years old (42 per cent each).

Ru-Main, 05.03.2021 

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