Most Russians Need More Than 9 Hours a Week to Clean Flats

Specialists of the job search service and SberServices conducted a joint study and found out how much time Russians spend on housework. It turned out that almost a third of Russian residents (32 per cent) spend more than 9 hours a week on household chores. 

In turn, 21 per cent of respondents need 1-3 hours for household chores and 26 per cent of respondents, from 3 to 6 hours. Another 18 per cent of the survey participants noted that household chores take them from 6 to 9 hours a week, and only 3 per cent of the respondents indicated that other people do all the household chores for them.

Despite the fact that household chores take a lot of time from residents of the country, the majority of respondents would not like to delegate them to other people (54 per cent versus 46 per cent). Among those who would like to pay others for household responsibilities, most named the obligation to wash windows the most unpleasant one (40 per cent).

In addition, 37 per cent of respondents would shift the responsibilities of cleaning the house to others, 36 per cent would entrust the repairs to the craftsmen, 33 per cent would like someone else to take responsibility for cooking; ironing and putting clothes in places appeared to be too difficult for 27 per cent of respondents, and another 23 per cent of Russian residents would like to give up minor household repairs.

Experts have also found out that general cleaning of a two-room flat with one bathroom (about 50 sq. m) in Moscow will cost an average of 6,320 rubles, in St. Petersburg, 5,400 rubles, and in other million-person cities, of about 3,608 rubles. Thus, according to the respondents, with a salary of 103 thousand rubles on average, it is profitable to delegate all household chores to professionals.

Ru-Main, 01.05.2021 

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