Most Russians Returned to Work in Office

The experts from the job search service conducted a survey of more than 4,000 respondents from all regions of Russia and found out how many residents of the country continue to work remotely. According to the results of the survey, 86 per cent of survey participants returned to their jobs, while 14 per cent continue to work from home. 

It is noted that mostly, specialists of the IT sector work from home (16 per cent). Another 13 per cent of respondents indicated that they work remotely in the fields of education and sales, 10 per cent in the field of marketing, advertising and PR, 8 per cent in the field of banking, finance and investment, 5 per cent in the field of production and industry, 4 per cent in medicine, and 31 per cent chose the option “Other” (construction, transport, insurance, etc.).

It also specified that 24 per cent of telecommuters will continue to work in remote format for several more months, 23 per cent of respondents noted that their employers plan to return to work from offices soon, 26 per cent of companies will retain partial “remote work”, and 27 per cent of respondents are going to keep working remotely forever.

Ru-Main, 31.01.2021 

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