Most Russians Satisfied With Country’s Ambulance

Specialists from the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Centre (VTsIOM) presented the results of a survey conducted for the Day of Ambulance Workers which was traditionally celebrated in Russia on April 28. Experts found out that more than half of Russians (63 per cent) believe that the ambulance in the country works well (versus 28 per cent of those who disagree).  

Among those who positively assessed the work of the ambulance, half (51 per cent) explained their answer by the fact that the ambulance arrives quickly, 16 per cent of the respondents liked that the doctors provided qualified assistance, 7 per cent mentioned positive personal experience, and 6 per cent noted the attention and good work of doctors.

According to 44 per cent of the country residents, over the past twenty years, ambulances have begun to work better, and even more so, in the context of a pandemic (38 per cent of the surveyed). According to the respondents, doctors began to answer calls faster (32 per cent), work better (19 per cent), their workload increased (11 per cent), the quality of medical care improved (9 per cent), and the number of staff and vehicles increased (8 per cent).

It was also stated that half of Russians (50 per cent) called an ambulance for themselves or their close ones over the past year at least once. To more than half of those calling an ambulance it arrived within half an hour (59 per cent), and to another 16 per cent, within an hour. The overwhelming majority of those who called Russian ambulance over the past year (85 per cent) were satisfied with the medical services provided.

In addition, Russians believe that the work of ambulances could be improved by purchasing new equipment (26 per cent), increasing salaries for medical staff (25 per cent), increasing the number of workers (17 per cent), equipping ambulances with modern gadgets (12 per cent), increasing funding ( 7 per cent), improving education for medical students (6 per cent), and providing emergency medicines (5 per cent).

Ru-Main, 29.04.2021

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