Most Russians to Participate in Victory Day Celebrations

Specialists of the Romir research holding studied the attitude of Russians to the upcoming Victory Day and found out how the country’s residents plan to spend this holiday. 

According to the results of the survey, the majority of respondents (38 per cent) traditionally plan to take part in the Victory Day celebrations. In June 2020, 14 per cent of respondents had plans to attend the celebrations and the Parade postponed from May to June. Another 5 per cent of Russians (as in 2020) will celebrate this day solemnly for the first time.

In turn, 16 per cent of the respondents (versus 28 per cent in 2020) do not plan to participate in celebrations due to the epidemiological situation, and 22 per cent (versus 34 per cent last year) do not have such a tradition. Also, 19 per cent of Russians found it difficult to say something about their plans on this day, as they have not decided anything yet.

Ru-Main, 07.05.2021 

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