Most Russians to Save Money in 2021

The service conducted a study and found out whether residents of Russia are planning to make money savings in 2021. More than 3,000 respondents from all regions of the country took part in the survey, according to the results of which, 72% of respondents did not save money in 2020. 

It is noted that of those who did the savings, more than half of the respondents (52%) saved up to 10% of their income, 26% were able to save up to 20% of their salaries, 14% saved up to 50%, and 8% of the respondents noted that they had saved more than 50% of their income. Experts stated that 40% of respondents would like to save up to 10% of their income monthly in 2021, 37% would like to save up to 20% of their income, 15% of research participants will save up to 50% of their income, and 8% will save 50% of their income.

According to the experts, 35% of Russian residents plan to make savings in order to insure themselves against unforeseen financial difficulties associated with dismissal or delayed wages, 25% will create a financial cushion in case of force majeure (for example, illness), 15% would save money to buy a flat, 13% plan to save money for a vacation, 12% for repairs, 10% for buying a car, 8% will save money to pay for their education, 6% will pay for the education of their children, 4% will start saving money for retirement, 3% for the purchase of household appliances, 2% for the purchase of smartphones and gadgets, and 1% of respondents expect to save money for a wedding or the birth of a child.

Ru-Main, 29.12.2020 

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