Most Russians Would Like to Have Additional Job

Specialists of the job search service conducted a study and found out whether Russian residents would like to find a new part-time job. According to the survey results, 79 per cent of respondents would like to earn extra money, and 10 per cent are already doing it, while 11 per cent of the surveyed are satisfied fully with their income. 

It is noted that the most suitable for part-time jobs are, in the opinions of Russians, the professions of an administrator (29 per cent), a driver (24 per cent), a courier (22 per cent), an order picker in stores (21 per cent), a builder (15 per cent), a teacher or an editor (14 per cent each), SMM manager (13 per cent), sales manager (12 per cent), IT specialist or photographer (11 per cent each), designer (10 per cent), computer expert (9 per cent), as well as marketer or waiter (5 per cent each).

In addition, 39 per cent of respondents said they would like to earn up to 30 thousand rubles a month from part-time work, 26 per cent want to receive more than 50 thousand rubles a month, another 23 per cent indicated that from 30 to 50 thousand rubles of additional income will be enough for them, and only 12 per cent are ready to receive up to 15 thousand rubles from part-time work.

Also, 31 per cent of Russian residents with the help of part-time work will be able to increase their monthly income by 30-50 per cent, 23 per cent of respondents, by more than 50 per cent, 22 per cent will be able to increase their earnings by more than 2 times, 18 per cent of the surveyed indicated that part-time work will increase their budget by 10-30 per cent, and up to 10 per cent of additional earnings could get 6 per cent of respondents.

Ru-Main, 11.04.2021 

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