Motor Sports Festival to Be Held in South Urals

The off-road motorcycle races will take place at the ski resort near the city of Miass. The festival will be held in the Chelyabinsk region on September 19 on specially prepared tracks with natural and artificial obstacles. Athletes will have to overcome ditches, jumps, and swamps, cheltv reports.  

The organizers of the event expect a lot of participants, approximately 100 people from Miass, Zlatoust, Chelyabinsk, Yekaterinburg, Kurgan, and Tyumen. It is noted that the race will be held in three classes, namely moto-light (for air-cooled motorcycles), moto-sprint (for any motorcycles), and moto-hard (for liquid-cooled motorcycles).

It is specified that in addition to exciting races, the organizers have prepared an entertainment programme for the visitors of the event, and after the awarding ceremony, a festive concert will take place. The entrance is free.

Ru-Main, 16.09.2020, Pictures: Chelyabinsk Regional Website 

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