Motorcyclists Deliver Food and Medicines to Elderlies

For a month, social assistants and volunteers have already done 300 thousand good deeds for Muscovites who are in self-isolation. Recently, motorcyclists have joined volunteers in assisting older people and people with disabilities, VM.RU reports. 

Picture: Moscow Regional Website

The idea to attract motorcyclists to social protection came to the cultural organizer of the Tsaritsynsky Territorial Social Service Centre Karina Muriy. Karina contacted the organizer of the community MotoMoskva Andrey Ivanov. All of the motorcyclists work only in gloves and masks, observing the necessary distance.

Social workers note that the idea of ​​motor-delivery is successful in the current situation, as it looks extraordinary and is more efficient than usual delivery. It happens so that senior citizens even ask among all other volunteers only motorcyclists to bring them food and medicines.

Ru-Main, 30.04.2020

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