Muscovites Can Order Free Help in Moving to New Housing

Moscow citizens moving under the renovation programme can order free assistance from loaders in the online format, according to the official website of the city mayor.  

Muscovites who are moving to a new house under the renovation programme can now order free assistance when moving not only by personally contacting the resettlement information centre but also in an online format. Movers will help to transport furniture, household appliances and things to a new flat. To use this service, a person should leave a request using a special service.

It is clarified that only owners and tenants of housing who are registered on the mayor’s portal and who have indicated their full name, contact information and SNILS (individual insurance account number) in their personal account can use the online loader assistance service. It is specified that the loaders are provided by the prefecture of the administrative district.

Ru-Main, 17.03.2021 

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