Muscovites Choose Metro Virtual Assistant

The project “Active Citizen” launched voting in Moscow, the results of which will be chosen image and name for the virtual assistant of the city metro, the official website of the metro reported. 

During the voting, the city residents will choose the image of a chatbot among a station attendant, dispatcher, and android robot. After that, Muscovites will be asked to choose a name for the bot. A virtual assistant will help to find forgotten things, draw up applications for an escort by inspectors of the Centre for ensuring the mobility of passengers, and connect the operator to the conversation.

According to the official website of the Moscow Mayor, among the names for a station attendant, there are Alexander, Maya, and Masha Moskvina. For a metro dispatcher, Evgeniy Sergeyevich, Roman, or TransportFan are offered. Finally, for an android robot can be chosen the names TransportBot, PassengerBot, or MosBot.

Ru-Main, 07.07.2020

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