Muscovites Expressed Opinion on New Year’s Festivities Cancellation

A third of Moscow residents (32 per cent), who took part in the poll of the job search service, reacted with understanding to the cancellation of New Year’s festivities this year and another third were upset by this. Also, 36 per cent of respondents have not taken part in mass celebrations before and were not going to do so this year, RIA News reports.  

At the same time, 30 per cent of the surveyed changed their plans for the upcoming New Year’s holidays in connection with restrictive measures, and 70 per cent did not have to change anything. When asked about possible compensation for the cancellation of the festivities, 30 per cent suggest extending the holiday weekend as an option, 17 per cent would like to extend the vacation by two weeks, 13 per cent, by a few days, and 53 per cent do not even think that it is worth extending the weekend, while 17 per cent suggest reducing the number of days off.

Ru-Main, 16.11.2020 

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