Muscovites Got Tattoo With Favourite City District

Sisters from Moscow, Alexandra and Arina Nesterovs, love the district they live in (Sviblovo) so much that they decided to make a tattoo with one of its symbols. The 21-year-old Alexandra and 24-year-old Arina have noticed that their area has a special charm, VM.RU reported. 

Picture: Moscow Regional Website

The sisters live in a house that has been adorned with the inscription “Sviblovo” since its foundation, so they chose this building for a tattoo. They took a photo of the facade of the building and came to the master. Now the tattoo with their house decorates the hands of the girls. They admired people in their area and told about a man who just came up to them in the late evening to talk about the weather and make some compliments.

“The people here are very kind and sincere. Recently, for example, a lovely grandmother came up to me and talked about how beautiful and sunny the weather was on that day,” Alexandra said.

It also turned out that for a tattoo artist such an order was not the first one. She said that young people sometimes ask her to make a tattoo with the image of places dear to their heart, and even the visitors of the city asked for a tattoo with the “Moscow” inscription.

Ru-Main, 10.07.2020

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