Muscovites Invited to Career Choice Online Festival

The Technograd educational complex located in Moscow invited city residents to the online festival for teenagers “Career Choice Guide” which will take place on September 27. 

It is noted that the webinars will be held on the Technograd educational platform from 11 am to 3.50 pm. Pre-registration is required, according to the official website of the city mayor. It is specified that the festival will consist of two thematic blocks. The first one will be devoted to choosing a profession. Participants will analyze the main difficulties that arise when looking for a job.

The second block will be devoted to learning about the most promising professions of the future. The experts from children’s technoparks will give lectures on innovations in genetics, as well as about the changes that have taken place in the professions of engineers and architects, and much more.

Ru-Main, 25.09.2020 

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