Muscovites Rate Electronic Services Online

In Moscow was launched a new crowdsourcing project (Moscow Electronic Services). It is dedicated to the provision of electronic services in a particular industry, the Moscow Mayor official website reports. 

Project participants have the opportunity to express their wishes and comments. Residents of Moscow will be able to offer their options for improving the city services. As part of the first stage (until April 5), participants will discuss the development of cultural services. At the second stage (from April 20 to 26), the townspeople will appreciate the sphere of entrepreneurship.

The residents of the city have the opportunity to determine what services they will be able to receive tomorrow, without leaving home, and what services they would like to see on the official portal of the Moscow Mayor. It is also stated, that a team of experts will conduct a thorough selection of ideas from project participants.

Ru-Main, 31.03.2020

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