Music Album of Northern Peoples Released in Russia

The album of ethnic electronic music “Welcome to the Arctic” based on folk songs of the peoples who live in the north, was released in Russia, which is reported on the website of the project office for the development of the Arctic.  

Picture: LiveInternet

It is noted that the album is based on the musical accompaniment of the “Welcome to the Arctic!” festivals that took place in Russian cities in 2018 and 2019.

“We moved along with the music from west to east, studying the culture, traditions, history and territory of the boundless snowy land. In order to choose the compositions that were included in the album, we listened to more than 100 hours of material,” the producer, Roman Laletin, said.

He added that the music project could not be implemented during the pandemic. In addition, it was mentioned that singer Juliana Krivoshapkina, harmonica player Roman Golovchenko and sound engineer Alexey “Mapa” Ivanov took part in the work on the album. Also, when creating the album, songs by Alexander Kokorin, Maria Belda, Galina Lekhanova and the Poveter ensemble were used.

Ru-Main, 10.03.2022

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