Mystery of Urals Giant Circle Close to Be Revealed

In the Chelyabinsk region, there is a stone ring with a diameter of three meters, which is a perfectly even circle with a hole in the middle. It is knocked out on a flat rock, which is located in “Russian Brazil”, chelTV reports. 

Picture: Chelyabinsk Regional Website

They call this place “Golden Mill” or “Scythian Circle”. Many people tried to reveal the mystery of the mysterious ring. Scientists believe that many thousands of years ago, gold was mined there. This is proved by jewellery made of this metal, which was found in the Sarmatian barrows near the village of Kichigino.

Scientists are still arguing about the age of the circle. Some of them believe that the construction is more than 2.5 thousand years old, and others think that the ring appeared in the South Urals during the “gold rush” in the middle of the XIX century.

A stone ring indicates that there was a crusher at the mine. The principle of its operation is similar to a conventional mill. The stones from the mine were crushed into sand, thus selecting the gold ingots and grains.

Ru-Main, 24.02.2020

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