National Guard of Russia Helped Injured Man in Kazan

Soldiers of the military unit of the Kazan special regiment of the National Guard of Russia provided first aid to a man who received a head injury. This was reported by the press service of the Office of the National Guard of the Republic of Tatarstan, reports KazanFirst

Picture: Kazan News Website

During the evening patrolling, the servicemen noticed a blood path in the snow near one of the houses on Amirkhan Avenue. Following the footsteps, the soldiers soon saw a man who was sitting on a bench holding his hands by his head. The victim had an open wound on his head, from which was flowing blood.

Contacting the duty officer and reporting the incident, the military personnel who had individual dressing bags with them provided first aid to the victim. As it turned out, the man was injured by falling from the stairs.

Ru-Main, 01.02.2020

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