National Standard Project ‘Smart City’ to be Presented by RVC and Rostelecom

In 2020, the Russian Venture Company (RVC) and Rostelecom will submit for approval to Rosstandart a draft national smart city technology standard, while the document will be submitted for public discussion, RIA News reports. 

Picture: RIA News Website

The “Technical Committee “Cyber-Physical Systems” on the basis of RVC and Rostelecom submitted for public discussion a draft preliminary national standard “Information Technology. Smart city. Indicators”. The document is planned to be submitted for approval to Rosstandart in 2020.

The standard establishes a list of indicators for assessing the development of smart cities and a methodology for their definition. The indicators are grouped into categories – economics, education, energy, environmental change, health, safety, transportation and others.

“In order to evaluate how smart cities and regions are developing correctly and efficiently, we need a standard universally recognized by all interested parties, with a list of mandatory requirements and criteria. This kind of document should be truly recognized by all, therefore it’s very important so that city managers, scientific organizations, experts from various industries take part in the discussion of the project,” said the Vice President of the strategic initiatives of Rostelecom Boris Glazkov.

Public discussion of the draft preliminary national standard will last until February 29, 2020. After that, the draft standard will be sent for approval to the Technical Committee and Rosstandart.

Ru-Main, 14.01.2020 

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