Neural Network Monitors Aviation Security Service

Domodedovo Airport was the first in the Russian Federation to test a neural network for additional control of aviation security personnel, reports the airport’s press service.

Moscow Domodedovo Airport was the first among Russian airports to test the WEKEY OKO artificial intelligence system for additional control of aviation security personnel. The technical task for the developer was provided by Domodedovo Security, an enterprise of the DME group.

The system analyzes the image from the camera installed on the screen of the inspector’s workstation. It controls that the employee does not get distracted and does not look outside the screen. If this happens, the signal is automatically sent and the introscope tape stops. The program is built based on video image analysis technology and several convolutional neural networks and can learn by receiving new data.

The report notes that the use of “OKO” will help exclude the human factor when inspecting passengers and baggage. Also, the program can evaluate staff performance, the level of concentration of attention and the quality of the inspectors’ job.

Domodedovo Airport is one of the largest Russian airports. Its passenger flow in 2018 increased by 3% compared to the previous year and amounted to 29.4 million people.

Ru-Main, 18.11.2019

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